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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Today is Aidenís first birthday, so naturally we gathered at his house. To celebrate Davidís birthday. Because, you see, weíre having Aidenís party a week from Saturday. Which is Davidís actual birthday. Believe it or not, this all makes sense to somebody. Itís even starting to make sense to me, but probably only because Tammy explained it to me. Somehow whatever she says has its own kind of logic, and you follow along. Or else.

One of the reasons weíre celebrating Davidís birthday today is that Tammy got him tickets to a concert tonight. She gives him his present, and that makes it his de facto birthday. And Aidenís party has to be on a weekend, so the thing to do is exchange the two dates.

Ah, but it canít be that simple. I mean, this is the first birthday Aiden will ever have, and itís the last first birthday heíll ever have. Besides, David doesnít like a fuss made over him, so we kept his part of the celebration low key and did our fuss-making over the baby. Aiden made it easy by being cute and charming and happy. He wasnít putting it on, either. Thatís his everyday personality.

What do babies like about birthdays, besides the attention (which makes it just like any other day, in some cases)? Well, thereís a lot of paper to tear. And the boxes! Oh my goodness, what fun are the boxes! Plus, new toys. Push toys and pull toys and toy versions of things he loves best (Mamaís telephone and Daddyís measuring tape). He was in a level of baby heaven even higher than the one he normally resides in.

1 June 2005

Birthday boy.

In fact, he didnít even notice when his parents left for the concert. He kept Suzanne and Mom and me entertained until he started getting sleepy, at which time Mom and I left, to minimize the distractions. By that time D.J. and Dakota had finished rifling through Aidenís new stuff and had gone off to bed, so we left Suzanne to send Aiden off to his first visit to dreamland as a one-year-old.

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Thereís something dťjŗ vu about every Giants game for the last week or so. Tonight in Philadelphia, for example: another horrible call by an umpire gave the Phillies the lead in the seventh, the Giants fought back to tie it in the eighth, and then the bullpen somehow managed to give up a grand slam that gave the Phillies a 10-6 win. The game also featured a misplayed fly ball by Moises Alou that led to two Philadelphia runs, and a base running error by Jason Ellison that took the Giants out of a potential scoring threat. When all your luck is bad, youíre probably doing something wrong. Somehow in the midst of all this bad baseball, the manager was given a one-year contract extension. How do you figure that?

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