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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I changed gears twice today, and it all worked out somehow. I'd planned to go out to lunch, but when that fell through I simply revised my dinner plans. There's a chicken dish I've been wanting to try, Chicken Frappuccino— no, wait, Chicken Calabasas— no, that's not right.

Wait a minute. Let me go look it up.

[hold music]

Okay, it's Chicken Scarpariello. I don't know what that word means (because I don't speak Italian either), but the recipe has bell peppers, cherry peppers, garlic, white wine, and, uh, something else. Oh yeah, chicken.

It was too hot to cook last night, and it was really too hot to cook again tonight, but I forgot to eat lunch, so I had to do something. I guess I was really counting on lunch out, because it didn't even occur to me that I could eat lunch in, the way I do every other day.

Anyway, here's where serendipity sent me veering off in another direction that worked to my advantage. Eric phoned to let me know he had a softball game at 6:00 pm. Perfect! Yes, it was hot at the game, and I wasn't exactly prepared. I sacrificed a few skin cells because I forgot about sunblock and a hat, but the game was fun, and by the time it was over it had almost cooled off enough to cook.

So I don't have to freeze those chicken breasts (which is fine, since I already have some cooling their heels in the freezer). And I have plenty of leftovers. That's good, because it's really supposed to be served over a bed of orzo (according to Rachael, anyway).

I thought I had orzo in the pantry, but what I thought was orzo turned out to be couscous. I can't remember the difference, exactly, but I'd made enough wide turns during the day already and I didn't want to tempt fate. So I just ate the chicken and peppers off a plain old plate, and that was fine.

15 June 2004

Eric at bat.

Anyway, good food. And there was plenty of wine left over for drinking. (Can you tell?) And I can always go out to lunch tomorrow. So everything is working out, despite all the changes in plans.

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The Giants finally got home from the endless road trip, and they celebrated with a win over the Blue Jays, 4-3, behind Jason Schmidt. Barry Bonds walked twice, but for the most part the Blue Jays tried to get him out, and they did. He went 0 for 2. Schmidt won his eighth straight decision, a career high, and struck out 12. This leaves the Giants just a game and a half behind the first place Dodgers, with 98 games to go (just thought you'd like to know that).

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