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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'd like to think the house finches who have been nesting on my back porch simply moved on. Maybe they found a place they liked better, with a more scenic view or more friendly neighbors. I kind of hope that's what happened, although I have my doubts.

Last night in the middle of the night (because I'm almost always up in the middle of the night, wide awake), I heard a thumping sound coming from outside. At first I asked myself if it could be thunder, because we did have a minor system of some time go through earlier in the week. It dumped about six drops of rain on us. Didn't amount to much.

But no, this wasn't thunder and it wasn't raining. I peered out through the drapes but couldn't see anything unusual.

This morning when I checked on the finches I was surprised to see a few strands of dried grass in total disarray on the beam where the nest had been. I walked out onto the porch and saw the rest of the nest lying on the ground below. That's all, just the empty nest. I never did see any sign that there were babies, or even eggs, during the whole long time the birds were in residence. So maybe they did just give up and move on.

It's kind of sad, though. I was hoping to see signs of new life some time this spring. It would have had a kind of symmetry with what's going on in my human family these days. I hope the finches are happy in their new location, wherever that turns out to be. I have to think that way.

9 June 2004

At D.J.'s graduation last night, Dakota bonds with a cookie.

In another sad note, Mom has had to give up her cat. Sammy was just too much for her to handle, what with his trying to escape all the time. She wasn't up to the worry, so she found a new home for him, with more people and more space. I think he'll be happy there, eventually, although this probably isn't a very good night for him. It might be a better night for Mom, without a restless feline raising all kinds of commotion at all hours.

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I think I've figured it out. The Giants just aren't used to playing in nearly-empty stadiums, like that barn in Tampa Bay where you can hear the rantings of one loudmouth fan because almost nobody else shows up. Anyway, that's my excuse, along with the pitching of Victor Zambrano, for the fact that the Giants didn't even get a hit until the seventh inning in tonight's 5-2 loss to the Devil Rays. (The fact that Barry Bonds didn't play was in part responsible for both the small attendance and the anemic offense. He'll be back tomorrow night in Baltimore. Let's hope some fans show up there.)

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