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Friday, June 4, 2004

So how is Aiden? I hear you ask.

Aiden is just fine, thanks. He's lost that reddish purple color, so that his face now more closely matches the rest of his little body. He's even-tempered enough that he went to a pizza party last night with three teams of five-year-old T-ball players and didn't complain. He also slept for over five hours last night. Did you? I didn't.

I dropped by for a visit this morning. It was visiting hours, so I wasn't the only one who wanted to hold the baby. I did get a good half hour of Aiden time out of it, and I got to spend some time with D.J. and Dakota as well. They are adjusting well to their new little brother.

Dakota especially is very protective. He's not usually demonstrative with his affections, but he kisses Aiden and sings "Baby Mine." He knows Aiden's name and says it quite clearly. There was no way to prepare him for having a baby in the house, but he knows he's a big brother now.

D.J., on the other hand, was more interested in showing me the dinosaur nest he built. "Pretty soon I'm going to lay my egg," he told me. Today he was a plant eater. A plant-eating dinosaur on a motorcycle. He's probably the only one of those I've ever known, but that's our D.J. He's five, you know.

4 June 2004

Father and son. David and Aiden.

Tammy and David are doing well also. Their little family is a bigger family now, and so far all of them are fitting together. Most of this smooth transition is due to the care and attention they've given to making sure everyone's needs and feelings are being considered. It's a beautiful thing to see. It's a wonderful thing to be a part of.

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Facing the first of a four-game series at Coors Field, I'm not sure why Felipe Alou decided to take his best starting pitcher out of the game after six innings with a ten-run lead. The bullpen is going to get enough work in Denver, so tiring them out on the first night didn't seem like a good idea — especially since they managed to turn a 12-2 rout into a 13-7 semi-nail-biter. The Giants did beat the Rockies, but they're not in such good shape for the rest of the series.

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