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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The high level of stress this week is offset (I hope) by the cardiovascular benefit of being on the go all day today and tomorrow. I'm running up and down the stairs, filling out complicated bid forms one page at a time on the aging Selectric that I keep in the loft, where it's out of the way. I only need it when I need it, and unfortunately, when I need it I really need it.

With bids going out two days in a row, I have the problem of keeping them separate. They're similar jobs, and they're projects put out for bid by the same state agency. That means I should be able to do a lot of the grunt work once, copy it over, and then use it for both. And in truth, that has saved me a few steps along the way. But I've had an awful time keeping the two jobs straight.

At first I thought I could do all the affirmative action solicitations and make an extra copy at the last minute to submit with the second bid. But this compliance stuff is so delicate that even though I only have to do the actual work once, I have to tailor the presentation of it for each particular bid. Measure once, cut twice. Something like that.

That isn't right, is it?

One of the bids was sent on its way via overnight this afternoon. It has to get to Sacramento by 2:00 pm tomorrow, and I know it will. I just hope I've dotted all the tees and crossed all the eyes, because if I made a mistake the state can throw it out and pick somebody else to do this project. That won't go over well with the Boss (although he's made his share of mistakes, too).

And I have to go through exactly this same stressful scenario tomorrow. Isn't that a delightful prospect?

I'm totally wiped out, but at least I can quit at quitting time. I've done all I can until more information on the second bid starts coming in tomorrow morning.

birch leaves

The leaves on the birch tree are already showing fall colors. Maybe I should be a bit more diligent with my watering.

If you drop by my house, you'd be well advised to be generous with your praise. I've worked awfully hard pulling up the dry weeds and high grass, and I'd appreciate it if you'd notice. You could gush even, I wouldn't mind. But if you're thinking of telling me that I sure have a lot of weeds there, don't I?, or if you're inclined to give me advice, your best option is to keep still. Or lie, as long as you make me believe it. I've done a great job with the yard, haven't I? (But you knew all along I could do it.)

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