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Sunday, June 9, 2002

David started celebrating his birthday some time in May, I think. Party Friday night, another one last night, a couple of stops to make tonight, more parties tomorrow, a big to-do Tuesday, and then he's off to Vegas with a bunch of people for several days.

Well, you only turn 21 once, and he doesn't actually do it until Tuesday. A birthday just takes longer if you have a lot of friends and they all want to do something for you. Or with you. Or to you (there's a curious tradition among his crowd of beating each other up on their birthdays).

Anyway, this afternoon he squeezed in some time for a family dinner. Eric wasn't there because he's still in New York checking out the sights. The rest of us got together today to shower David with trinkets, but we spared him the serenade this year. Sooner or later we'll sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He can't dodge us forever.

My sleep deprivation has hit new lows, and I wasn't in the best of shape this morning. By the time I headed out to the birthday revelry this afternoon, I was almost conscious again. One of these days I'll catch up, but being with the family makes me feel better anyway. David and I have similar kinds of allergies, so we always compare the latest symptoms when we see each other. For some reason that makes mine feel a little less severe.

Dinner was good, the company was good, and I'm feeling a little more alive and alert tonight. It would be best if I could go to bed early and sleep through the night and half of Monday, but the U.S. soccer team plays Korea at 11:30 tonight. Besides, Monday is Monday and isn't going away no matter what I do. I might as well just enjoy the game and get through tomorrow the best I can.

Hopland Cemetery

Hopland Cemetery, with the fields and hills beyond.

I know another cemetery picture probably isn't appropriate, but David's whole life story and how I feel about him is recorded in this entry from two years ago. Plus, it isn't really his birthday until Tuesday anyway.

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