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Friday, July 27, 2007

Even though I wrote ďJuly 28Ē all day today, itís really only the twenty-seventh. The significance is that I finished all the payroll and sales tax returns four days before the end of the month, instead of just three. Since I ordinarily finish on the very day of the very deadline, this is a huge relief. Itís not necessarily much of an accomplishment, because anybody could do it and most people leave themselves weeks to spare, Iím sure. But it is a relief.

What it means is that I can sleep all weekend. Boy howdy, do I ever need to do that.

Thatís not what Iíll end up doing, of course. But if I do, itíll be okay. But I wonít. Probably.

This was the first week this summer that I havenít done enough yard work to fill the yard waste container before recycle pickup day. I blame it all on Harry Potter, but really, itís my own fault. The weather has been perfect for being outside in the late afternoons, and I could have spared an hour a day if Iíd wanted to. Well, I did want to, but apparently not enough.

Since I wonít spend the whole weekend reading (or, most likely, sleeping), I will almost probably get some significant yard work done. If I donít, and if I fall behind, Iíll drop back into that mode of misery that wafted over me before John brought his tractor and leveled the fields for me. I wouldnít ask him to do that again this year, as long as Iím able to keep things under control myself. I am able; I just need to be willing.

8 July 2007

The sunset oak in full summer afternoon regalia.

One reason I got finished earlier is that I learned Iíve been doing the state sales tax return wrong all these years. After I sent the last one in, I got a call from a state examiner, who had caught my error. It wasnít exactly an error, just that Iíd been making it more complicated than it should be for our kind of business. At least Iíd been paying the right amount all this time, and the agent worked it out so that I didnít have to submit any corrected returns. That would have been a job and a half.

But now I know, and this time it took me less than half the time Iíve been spending on it. And Iíve been doing it that way, four times a year, for about twenty years. I donít know if Iím more upset with myself for not knowing what I was doing, or for the state employees who have been letting this go on for so long. Iím just happy I found one who set me straight.

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