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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Instead of the usual tale of how little work I got done on a Saturday, letís talk about how much work I got done today. Not that much, to tell you the truth. Not nearly enough. More than the usual Saturday output, maybe, but only because I had to.

It wasnít the dog that distracted me. Titus stayed with me while Tammy and David and Aiden went to a wedding. Heís a good dog and all, and he slept a lot while he was here (and lay around the rest of the time), but he does take some looking after. I wasnít about to let him go outside alone, but I have to admit that after I explained the boundaries to him, he never crossed them. You canít ask for much better cooperation than that.

What really kept me from accomplishing more today was the heat. I shouldnít complain, of course, because while large areas of the country have been suffering from killer heat, weíve had nearly perfect weather here for the last three weeks. And I mean every day, day after day, the kind of weather people move here for. The real reason housing prices are the highest in the world.

Today was different. The mercury hit triple digits, as the weather guessers like to say. That kind of heat saps the energy, so that no matter how critical it is that you get all your papers in order for the auditor, sitting in front of the box fan is the only way to make life bearable. By the end of the day, both Titus and I were sitting in front of the fan.

Tomorrow will be different. I donít know if itíll be this hot again, but itíll be different because I have no choice except to get all my prep work done. The auditor is coming whether Iím ready or not, and I want to make things as easy for him as possible. If I can anticipate all his questions and have the answers ready, it might reduce the chances that heíll ask something I donít want to tell him.

10 July 2005

House from mid-driveway.

I wish you could have seen Aiden with his new haircut (professionally done) and his wedding outfit. I tried to get a photo of him, but you canít even see him in the one I took, because the background was too bright. Itís partly my fault because I didnít get the shot set up right. But everyone was in a hurry to get to the wedding, so there really wasnít time. Besides, he wasnít in a mood to give up his pacifier, so you wouldnít have seen his face anyway. Iíll keep trying, though.

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Iím not sure where I lost interest in the game tonight. I think it was probably around 9-2. As the numbers kept rolling up and up, it mattered less and less what the final score was. Thatís good, because a 16-4 loss is a little bit of overkill. The magnitude of the failure masks some very bad plays along the way, so Alex Sanchez might be the only Giant happy that the Marlins made it such a runaway. Thatís because, inside of one disastrous inning, he dropped an easy fly ball in centerfield and overthrew the cutoff man on a hit up the middle. Those would be glaring errors in a close game, but they just added a couple more runs to the total in this one.

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