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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yes, thereís more to the story. I only wish when Tim asked if he was giving me too much to do that Iíd told the truth. But when I got back from the post office this morning there was a copy of the invitation to the big party on the fax. A short while later he phoned and gave me my assignment.

Yes, itís two days before the Bossís party, and just now heís getting around to sending out invitations. Since itís too late to mail them, theyíre going out by fax. Since heís busy driving around in his big, air-conditioned company truck, I get to do the faxing. And since he doesnít really have a firm idea of whom he wants to invite, I get to try to read his mind.

He gave me some general guidelines, and I went through all our old phone lists looking for the kinds of people I though he wanted at the party. And then faxing them this generic invitation to be at our first annual luau two days from now. I donít know how many times he called back throughout the day, suggesting names that Iíd already thought of.

And thatís how I spent my day: faxing. I just hope I didnít accidentally push the Bossís speed dial number on the fax machine at some point, because that would have spoiled the wonderful surprise. Donít think I wasnít tempted. Everyone knows I donít like surprises, but I canít ruin someone elseís. Not deliberately, anyway.

8 July 2005

Growing wild around the fence post.

One thing I did find out today was that Tim is aware that the Boss planned to be away Saturday, and he told him that he couldnít go. He didnít tell him why, but I think just maybe the Boss suspects that somethingís up. He might even enjoy it, if he doesnít think about the part where heís paying for his own outsized birthday party. If thatís the case, he could be looking at hula dancers and seeing dollar signs.

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Just when tonightís game seemed as if it would become a neverending comedy of errors, Omar Vizquel took over. For most of seven innings, we had been treated to misplayed fly balls and base running blunders and just general sloppiness. The Dodgers even had a base runner who had been called safe at first get tagged out after he turned toward second. Isnít that the first thing you learn about baseball, that when you cross first base you turn left? But Omar, who is not a power hitter, hit a three-run shot off the foul pole in the seventh to turn a drab 1-1 tie into a 4-1 Giant lead. Then in the bottom of the inning he went deep into the hole at shortstop to make a play no one else on the field could have made. Things got crazy again after that, and the Giants won by only 4-3, but with the victory they became the first major league team to record 10,000 wins in the history of the franchise.

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