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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I was going to write something penetrating and/or witty tonight, but itís just too hot. The effort isnít in me. I barely got through the payroll today, so this entry isnít the only thing Iím shirking. If the Boss knew how lethargic I was, he might feel shortchanged. As anyone reading this might, with every right.

No, really, I even had a sort of an outline of what I wanted to say. I had a list of people who have died recently, people that I considered famous. I was going to speculate on how many readers even know who these dead celebrities were, and then go off on some tangent. Who knows where that would have led me, but it wasnít meant to be. Too hot to think with such gravity.

Ha! That was almost a pun, but Iím just not up to polishing it so that it shines. Let it stay a dull pun. Itís a little bit like a curve ball that the pitcher doesnít quite finish. It might just float across the plate and get blasted into next week. Or the week after.

Here you go. Iíll give you the names, and you can write your own entry. Harry Von Zell. Hank Stram. Frances Langford. All famous, all dead. In case you didnít know. Iím guessing I wrote them in ascending order of recognition. Probably more people remember Blanche Bickerson than George Burnsí announcer (and the fellow who once introduced Herbert Hoover as ďHoobert Heever,Ē and if you donít know who Herbert Hoover was, this makes even less sense).

Oh, what a wonderful essay that would have been, if I had been able to get it together. Too bad it was so hot today. (Whatís my excuse the rest of the time?)

12 July 2005

Jetson is not as angelic as he looks.

Okay, I did one good thing today. Suzanne is away for two weeks, and I volunteered to help keep her cat from going stir-crazy while sheís gone. So I dropped by the house this morning on my errand run and spent half an hour with Jetson.

He was glad to see me and purred loudly, for about a minute, before going on the attack. He seemed to have a taste for the fleshy part of my forearm, but he was willing to bite or scratch any part he could get to. In fact, he scared me a little when he jumped up from the floor and looked me in the eye while in midair. I feel quite fortunate to have got out of there with all my limbs intact.

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Iím not on board with tying the All-Star Game into home field advantage in the World Series, but for all of the ďthis one countsĒ hype, the players still play it as an exhibition game. And thatís what it should be, of course, a stage for baseballís best players. During the player introductions before the game, I knew the National League was in trouble before the first pitch was thrown. When they fell behind, 7-0, I was sure they were dead, but they came back and made a game of it, because thatís what professionals do. The final score was a 7-5 American League win, which means the Cardinals will again have to try to win a road game this October.

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