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Friday, July 8, 2005

How is it that losing one work day to a Monday holiday puts me two days behind? I mentioned that to a friend at coffee this morning, and Iíve been thinking about it all day. Which might explain why I had to work until 8:30 on a Friday night to get caught up through Thursdayís tasks. Iíve been running in place and losing ground all week. Itís kind of wearing, you know?

Of course, the fact that my 25-hour internal clock costs me an hour of sleep every night, compounded geometrically, doesnít help. Today started slowly, as every day does. Then it stopped. I puttered around until my mental battery died. For most of the middle of the day, there was nothing I could do but nothing at all. It wasnít worth the effort to try to stay awake.

And thatís really why I was still working away during the game tonight. Iíve never had any trouble getting things done while a baseball game was going on in the background. With TiVo, I donít even have to miss anything. If only I could rewind the last seven seconds of real life as easily as I can rewind seven seconds of live TV.

Youíre probably going to tell me I can get caught up tomorrow. After all, donít I always spend my Saturdays working? Believe it or not, Iím going to be out all day, doing something. I donít think I can fall two more days behind, since thereís only one day left. Besides, right now Iím thinking about not sleeping in more than Iím thinking about not working. That makes planning my Sunday a lot easier, though.

8 July 2005

Looking southeast from under the old oak.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was sick and out of commission all day Monday, so I wouldnít have got anything done even if it hadnít been a holiday. Thatís small comfort now, but it beats no comfort at all. Iíll take my comfort when I can get it, and in whatever size and flavor itís offered (although I would prefer a double scoop of chocolate, thanks).

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Because the Giants are a team that ordinarily scores a lot of runs, the pitching performance tonight by Jason Schmidt, who gave up three runs over seven innings, would win the team a lot of games. But not against the Cardinals, especially the way Mark Mulder always mows down Giant hitters. A solo home run by Pedro Feliz in the eighth was all the scoring they could muster, and Larry Walkerís mammoth two-run splash shot into the Bay in the first was all the Cardinals needed on their way to a 3-1 win. Itís frustrating to feel as if youíve done enough to beat the best team in the National League, only to fall short. But thatís what good teams like the Cardinals are supposed to do: beat not-so-good teams.

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