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Sunday, July 3, 2005

If I didnít live way out here in the country, I would have assumed that the racket coming from out beyond the high weeds came from someone playing with an electronic game. Thatís what it sounded like, and in the olden days I might have shouted, ďYou kids get out of my yard, with your Pong and your Pac-Man and your Space Invaders!Ē

Okay, I know itís a little far-fetched to picture me shouting anything at anyone, much less chasing away kids playing with their X-Box or their i-Pod or some other e-toy. I would have thought it but not said it. It would have been like chasing a finch out of the walnut tree.

In fact, Iím pretty sure thatís what I was hearing. It might have sounded like R2-D2 at his most loquacious, but it was actually a bird singing joyously in the summer breeze. It was the same sound, but from a different source. Why does that make it easier to take? Are birds more acceptable neighbors than people?

Obviously, the answer in my case is yes. Once it registered that I was hearing a songbirdís call, I sat and enjoyed it. It still sounded like a cell phone gone amok, but now that I knew what it was I liked it.

6 June 2005

Horizontal clouds.

Youíre going to have to draw your own cosmic conclusion from this little tale. This is my day off. But let me add that when the fireworks started going off tonight, I only worried for a minute about what might happen to my high and dry weeds should anything combustible go astray. Then I just let it go.

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The best thing I can say about the game today is that even though the Padres took an early 6-1 lead, the Giants never let them off they hook. They kept coming back and scoring runs and making it close. In the end, the Padres held on for a 9-6 win, and the Giants are back to ten games out of first place as the season approaches the halfway point. Once it got to the eighth inning, the score was pretty much set in stone, because both bullpens have been nearly untouchable in this series. Thatís how you keep games close enough to make the other guy a little uncomfortable. The next step is to come all the way back and actually win. Bring on the Reds (the Giantsí next opponent, and one of only two teams in the league with a worse record).

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