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Saturday, July 19, 2003

9:30 am. The water in the cove where the three houseboats are tied up is almost the only relief we have from the heat. I'm very careful about exposing my pale skin to the sun without a major application of sunblock, but once I lather up I feel kind of tacky, at least until it gets washed off. I take a shower every morning under any circumstances, but up here at Shasta Lake it's really the best thing I do for myself all day. I never feel quite as comfortable as I do fresh out of the shower.

It was windy again last night in the cove, but it was a hot wind that came in big, noisy gusts. You can hear it roaring through the trees and flapping the fringe on the canopy. When it dies down you can hear the incidental noises from the other houseboats — a cell phone left on, or someone frantically pounding extra stakes into the beach to keep the boat from whipping around sideways.

Some sounds can't be identified, but when the dogs start barking there's no mistaking it. And sometimes it seems there's no end to it. (There are no dogs on our boat. It's the law.)

Tammy made breakfast burritos for us this morning. The only reason I was up in time was that the sun hit me in the face at eight o'clock. (I think David had planned to sleep later, too; it's probably just as well that he didn't.) I don't eat breakfast normally (i.e., almost never), but Tammy's burritos were very good.

Alexa just dropped by with a bottle of frogs. She'd caught three tiny frogs along the shore and imprisoned them in a water bottle. Now she was going to give them swimming lessons in the deep water off the back of the houseboat. She has apparently gone into the froggy daycare business.

7:40 am (Sunday). The afternoon was pleasant but hot. Tammy and the boys (David, John, Mike and Eric) took the ski boat and hiked up to where they could see a waterfall. I wasn't up to hiking, so I stayed behind with Suzanne, Debbie and Shirley. We swam around the far point across the cove from the houseboat. Mostly I just tried to stay cool and comfortable (with little success).

Shasta Lake 2003

Three girls in the water.

It was a good night for a midnight swim. Bev and Barbara and the little girls were out in the water after Eric and I finished the dinner dishes. He jumped in with them; I just dangled my feet in the water. Alexa and I had our usual bizarre conversation across the darkness. It was a good end to the evening, but I'd pretty much decided it was going to be my last day at the lake for this summer.

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