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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

9:00 am. The wind that blew through here last night came in gusts. The guys were playing hearts on the front deck, and every so often the cards would scatter and shuffle themselves. A few times some would blow out of the boat and land on the bank, but I don't think they lost any. They would have known if they had, so I'm sure they didn't.

It was still intermittently windy when I went to bed (before eleven) in my sleeping bag on the top deck. it wasn't cold, though. It was a warm wind, but it blew through the night, and by morning it had cooled off a lot.

It was also dark when I went to bed, but not for long. Within fifteen minutes the nearly-full moon appeared over the mountains on the far horizon, and it slowly made its way up and over the lake, obliterating the stars, satellites and meteors. Since I'm used to falling asleep with the TV on, the moon didn't keep me awake. Or maybe I was just so tired that nothing could have kept me awake.

So I don't know if the moon made it all the way across the sky. I assume that it did. I do know that the sun appeared above a slightly different horizon at almost exactly eight this morning. That's when I got up. There's no use in staying inside a hot sleeping bag with the sun beating on you. That's my philosophy anyway.

When I picked up my glasses to put them on, the first thing I noticed was a line across the middle of my field of vision. It wasn't some new horizon, which had been my first half-awake thought. The glasses had been half in and half out of the sun as they rested on the deck, and so only half of the lenses had got dark. It was a relief to know there was a logical physical reason for this phenomenon. I've had enough problems with my eyes lately without adding something mysterious like that.

8:10 pm. What did I say? That I didn't need any more eye problems? I wrote that just before I went in to take a shower and promptly got soap in my eyes. I'm always so careful about that, but it was the unfamiliar shower, and a shampoo bottle I couldn't get open, and lack of a handy wash cloth. Oh, I have all kinds of excuses. Man did that sting!

Later this morning we all took a ride in the ski boat. We left a couple of bags of trash at the marina and scouted locations in case we decided to move the houseboat. We didn't find any likely spots with the right combination of morning sun, evening shade and access to facilities. So we went back to the houseboat, pulled up stakes (quite literally), and cruised around until we found a place we decided was the best we were going to do.

It's cooler tonight. It's been blast furnace hot the two days I've been here, and I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible today. But the air is noticeably cooler now and we have more shade than last night. It's very pleasant.

Shasta Lake 2003

Inside the houseboat, in motion. (Photo taken by Eric.)

Some friends in another houseboat tied up next to us late this afternoon, and we're having supper on their boat in a while. That's how things work out here on the lake. Sometimes it seems like a small town where people know each other just because of proximity. It's nothing like life in anyplace I've ever lived, that's for sure.

We eat late out here, too, because it's usually too hot to cook early in the evening. We eat late, but we eat well, always.

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