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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

9:30 am. We took a midnight cruise last night. Actually it was about 9:30, just after supper, and most of us piled into a couple of ski boats and rode over to the dam, so we could see it all lit up. It was impressive, and the noise it made as the water level was adjusted was a roar we'd never heard before. Either they don't usually release water in the daytime, or you can only hear it at night, when it's quiet. Some day I'll have to take the tour of the dam and find out. One thing I do know now is that when we go on an evening cruise, I should take a sweatshirt.

Shasta Lake

On a cruise (in the daytime).

10:40 am. At this moment I'm sitting alone on the houseboat. The little kids are out tubing or riding on some kind of flotation device that makes them giggle. The big people are skiing. I don't choose to be towed behind a boat. The one time I tried to ski I had a panic attack that cured me forever. I could have gone along to watch, or hold the flag, but this time I stayed behind to wash the breakfast dishes and reflect on the drama I've witnessed so far.

It seems to me that most of the personal conflicts we've had have been based on some combination of respect and perception. Someone believes he's being disrespected, and harsh feelings escalate. Or someone doesn't realize that something he says or does in all innocence can be seen in an entirely different light by the person on the receiving end. Everyone here cares about everyone else, so no damage is done that can't be repaired. But it makes for some bumpy moments.

Judgment is the other factor. People have different ideas of what's appropriate, but some have no idea when something is inappropriate. Even when only adults are involved, this can create friction. When you're dealing with someone else's children, extra caution is required. We've had incidents here where the simple step of asking permission has been glossed over. When those lines are crossed, parents will file it away for future reference.

As for me, I find that my best course of action is to think twice before I speak, and then keep still.

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