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Monday, July 16, 2001

10:00 am. Yesterday was full of turmoil and confusion, mostly over the dysfunctional ski boat, and all the possible solutions involving the exchange of vehicles and which ones are better served for hauling boats as opposed to people. Tensions ran high, but with a day's perspective on the actual boat breakdown, there was a little more fun and laughter.

And there was one more working boat here, as more friends arrived with theirs. Three people came and three left, so we were still twenty-one at dinner last night.

12:55 pm. This has been another day of drama so far, but at least we know (or have been led to believe) that the boat is fixed. It's being launched at this moment, so we'll know for sure soon if it runs. The one mechanic John has been dealing with for several years was the only helpful person in this entire ordeal. He drove to pick up the part that was needed, while dealers all over the area told us that (a) it was a known problem, and (b) they didn't have any way to get the part today. But just now it looks as if we'll be back in full operation within a few hours at most.

Well, except for the jet ski, which apparently ran over a rock. Our in-house experts have been working on fixing the big gash in the fiberglass hull, in the spare moments when there was nothing they could do to solve any of the other problems.

Meanwhile, we've moved the houseboats to another cove. We spent three nights in the last one and fouled the water enough there. So we'll leave it for someone else and move on. Three ski boats were out on the lake while we moved the houseboats, so it could be awhile before we're all together again. Some good friends left this morning with their three kids and visiting nephew, so it won't be as crowded or as noisy tonight. We'll miss them; they added a lot of life to the crew.

Shasta Lake

The view from our cove.

3:45 pm. Yesterday was my low point, as far as energy is concerned. I slept most of the day away, and at times it felt as if I couldn't keep my eyes open at all. I finally planted myself in a lounge chair on the top deck and just stayed there for a few hours, drifting in and out, with the kids laughing and splashing as my lullaby. It was entirely pleasant, and when I eventually did wake up, I was a new (and more alert) person.

Sometimes, in an enclosed place with so many other people, that's the only way I can cope. Personalities are bound to clash at times, the more people rub up against each other. We have a few folks here who thrive on that kind of conflict. Not me, though. When things aren't going smoothly, my instinct is to retreat.

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