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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, I could hardly let this momentous day go by without recording it, could I? My newest grandnephew, Alexander William, was born this morning, and I was there to— well, to sit in the waiting room fidgeting nervously while all the excitement was happening behind closed doors, actually. But within about an hour I was holding him in my arms, all six pounds, seven and a half ounces of him.

Mother and baby (and daddy) are doing fine. Extremely well, in fact, from what I could see. Alex is a beautiful baby. I would say that even if he were discolored and misshapen, but he's exactly the right shape, and as pink and healthy as you could ever hope. He has some hair on his head, dark and fine and just as gorgeous as the rest of him.

The whole family was well represented at the hospital. The doting grandparents, John and Suzanne, were there when I got there, followed shortly (because things were moving along rapidly) by David and Barb and their kids. Mom hitched a ride from around the corner and was there in plenty of time as well.

We got intermittent reports from the front lines from Eric, and he was the one to give us the details and let us know that all had gone well. After some intense mommy-daddy-baby time, we were allowed to visit the room in small (but ever-larger) groups. I'm so grateful to the exhausted parents that they gave me a chance to be in on this historic occasion, and to be one of the first (one of the first half dozen or so, anyway) to hold Alex and gaze at his perfect little face and let him hear my voice as I told him everything I knew in about two minutes.

How tired am I tonight? Pretty tired, but not as tired as Kat and Eric and Alex must be, after what they've been through. Somehow I wore myself out doing nothing but becoming a great-uncle for the third time. That's probably the easiest job in the world, and I should be good at it by now. I'm very happy for everyone, including myself.

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