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Thursday, January 10, 2008

It was kind of nice to have another normal day, after all the commotion. I can report that I wasnít traumatized today, even when I went to the post office and saw a dog tied up to the newspaper rack. It was gone when I went to buy my paper, anyway. And the mail that Iíd lost yesterday was back in the box today, so obviously some kind soul picked it up and reposted it. I knew in my heart thatís what would happen. I have faith in humanity, about sixty percent of the time. And thatís just about enough to get me out of bed in the morning.

The latest crisis has to do with the phone line, an ongoing concern ever since I moved out here in the country lo these many years ago. Several times recently Iíve heard static and strange voices on the line, and it was so bad last night that Mom had to hang up because she couldnít hear me. I immediately contacted the phone company, and they will be out to check the line Saturday.

When it happened before, they managed to fix it, but they also explained that it was likely to happen again, because Iím at the end of a line and itís not worth it to them to make a permanent correction. So I donít expect much except for a repair person to come by some time Saturday and tell me the same thing again. Well, as long as it works until the next time I have to complain, I guess Iím okay with that.

7 January 2008

Clouds on clouds.

And of course I havenít had any more problems with voices and static since I put in the repair request. I could call it off, but as soon as I do that, the voices will come back. The voices always come back at the worst time.

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