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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Maybe I didnít set my sights high enough, because I got everything done that I wanted to accomplish today, and I still wasnít satisfied. I probably should have aimed a little higher, I guess, or set my satisfaction level a little lower. But I thought I was doing all right, for a Sunday. There were four important items I wanted to cross off my to-do list today, and I got through them all. That should have been enough to make me happy.

It wasnít that I wanted to do more than I did. Oh, no. Not that. It was something else that was gnawing away at my serenity. Something was slapping my composure about the face. Something kept tying my mental shoelaces together and laughing as I tripped over my thoughts. I could go on like this, but I wonít.

Later this evening I think I figured out the reason. I wasnít trying to do too many things, but I was trying to do too many things at once. I couldnít enjoy the satisfaction of getting from A to Z in any of them. I do that during the week, out of necessity because I keep getting interrupted. But if Iím working on a weekend, why shouldnít I take my little pleasures where I can get them? My job can be almost fun if I do one thing at a time (and do it well).

The reason I could solve the riddle after I gave up working was that I was still doing it! I was paying bills and cooking and straightening up the clutter and checking the transaction wire (itís one of those winter baseball deadlines today) and doing anything and everything that occurred to me, until it occurred to me that I was doing too many things not very well without enjoying it much.

31 December 2005

Clots of clouds.

So hereís the new plan, and itís just for weekends. One thing at a time. If Iím doing something, I try not to do something else until Iím finished with the first something. On weekdays, multitasking is a matter of necessity, because I never know what Iím going to get hit with. Even today, the fax machine was whirring, as if the Boss didnít know it was Sunday (or was pretending he didnít know, anyway). I canít give in to that. Iím going to try to enjoy my weekends, even my working weekends, and Iím not even going to wait until next January 1 to make this resolution. Just next weekend.

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I know Kylie is a Steelers fan, so she was probably a little nervous in the first half of their playoff game today in Cincinnati. But Ben and the boys came through and pounded the Bengals, 31-17 (and I donít think the loss of Carson Palmer, who should be ready to come back for the 2014 season at the very latest, made that much of a difference). Speaking of poundings, I hope Kylie didnít stay home to watch the other game this morning, because it was no contest. I think she expected a little more from Eli Manning and the Giants, but they had nothing for the Panthers and got shut out, 23-0. And it could have been worse.

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