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Monday, January 2, 2006

The problem is that the area at the end of my driveway never completely dries up, even under the best of circumstances. (Well, thatís not entirely true. In July, which is a best-case-scenario month for these things, itís dry.) It lies in the shade cast by two eucalyptus groves, one on each side, and it stays cold and wet there pretty much all winter.

And now this. In every other winter that Iíve lived here, there have been ruts and depressions that have collected the water. It wasnít pleasant, but I was able to walk around it and drive through it without much of a problem. Now, thanks to our neighborhood Samaritan, the holes are gone, replaced by a slab of loose-shaped, oozing mud. I canít walk through it without sinking up over the ankles of my boots. And Iím a little bit afraid to try to drive through it.

Today was another in our endless string of holidays, so I didnít have to drive out. Tomorrow is another story. I have mail that has to go out, and I havenít picked up anything at the post office since Friday. I also need groceries, but mostly I need to get away from here, if only for a few minutes. Half an hour, maybe. An hour, tops. I just donít know if Iím going to make it.

Adding to my worries (and Iím a mess with worries) is that front tire that the guy at Saturn told me a couple of weeks ago wasnít low. To me, it looks low. To me, it looks a little lower every time I look at it, and I fully intend to drive it to a gas station and pump it up, come hell or— well, come hell. High water is a given.

31 December 2005

Clouds in retreat (but for how long?).

I spent most of the day working, some of it reading, and a few minutes wading around in the mud, trying to see what Iím up against. I used the big broom to sweep the standing water out of the garage, and I used the shovel to dig out the trench that is supposed to keep water from getting into the garage in the first place. So far, it doesnít appear that thereís been any damage, at least none that matters. But itís depressing; I donít mind telling you that. Itís wearing and wearying, and Iím not up for another week of this.

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This is old news by now, but itís bad news for the Giants that the Diamondbacks signed Eric Byrnes. Heís a Bay Area kid who grew up a Giants fan, but his main claim to fame is how hard he was on the Giants when he was a member of the Aís. He has a .315 career average against the Giants, and he hits .410 at SBC Park. Thatís way higher than his overall average, and now heís in the Giantsí division. The Giants could use another outfielder; Iíd like to know how they let this one get away, to a place where he can do them some damage.

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