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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

If I ever wondered what made me move out into the country, if I ever had any second thoughts, all my doubts were erased today, in one trip to the city. And it wasnít even The City, just simple, unremarkable Santa Rosa. (And I didnít really have any doubts, but now I never will. Itís nice to be validated.)

Maybe it was just a bad day for city drivers, or a day for bad city drivers. Either way, there were way too many of them on the road. Too many of them didnít have any idea how to get from point A to point B without stopping at every X, Y and Z along the way.

I guess there are just too many choices in the city. Out here where I live, there are only two roads, and they are perpendicular to each other, so itís hard to get confused.

Part of the problem could have been me. No, Iím not admitting that Iím a bad driver, no way. But I have to confess I was a little tired and a little cranky and more than a little impatient with the blatant cluelessness rampant in the city. There arenít any stoplights on my road out here in the country, but I havenít forgotten that green means ďgo.Ē

Apparently some people in the city think itís a warning of some kind. Have I lived in the country too long? Have they changed the meaning of a green light to, ďThereís probably nobody behind you, so thereís no rush. And even if somebody is there, there will be another green light soon. Be sure to look both ways before going through a green light, just in case the lights are green in the other direction, too. It could happen, couldnít it?Ē

Iím a good driver, but sometimes I make poor choices. Like when I took the freeway back home. Should be the fastest way out of the city, youíd think. Youíd also think that people who live in California would know how to merge onto a freeway from a long, straight onramp with very little oncoming traffic. You wouldnít think they would slow to school-zone speed and then lurch out in front of a minivan.

Unfortunately, youíd have another think coming. But at least I survived, and I might never leave my house again. People arenít as crazy out here in the country. Thatís probably because there arenít as many of us.

11 January 2005

Line of clouds.

Mom could be the victim in all this, but I wonít let it happen. I was visiting her today when I ran into so much crazy city traffic (and the fact that thereís never a parking space within half a mile of her building). I canít let fear and loathing stop me outside the city limits. For one thing, there are plenty of other reasons I need to stay close to home these days, like deadlines and such. But mostly, I just donít want distance (and bumper car drivers) to isolate either of us from the other.

Besides, maybe I can educate those city drivers. Some of them looked as if they could use a hint (or even a nudge). I know sign language, and Iím not afraid to use it.

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You know, I voted for Barbara Boxer. I canít tell you how proud and happy I am that I can say that.

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