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Monday, January 17, 2005

I never expected to have so many small children in my life, at least not until I was too old to enjoy them to the fullest. I had only my nephews to rely on to produce the next generation, and I was resigned to living a long time without any new babies in the family. Itís something I (obviously ) had no control over.

Then two years ago David met Tammy and became a parent-figure to her two little boys. Last year they married and became an ďofficialĒ family, although they seemed like one almost from their first day together. And then along came Aiden, while I was still young enough to benefit from having a baby in the family. Thatís not the reason heís here, but itís a very real factor in my enjoyment of my middle years (assuming Iím going to live to be 110).

Life is good for me these days (although you might not think so if you hear me complain about my job for days on end). I get to see D.J., Dakota and Aiden every week, if not more often. When Eric and David were that age, it was the best time of my life. Now I get smiles and hugs from the next generation, and itís the greatest feeling there is.

And guess what? In a few months there will be one more. Tammy and David are expecting another wee bundle late this summer, and we are all (as Iím sure you can imagine) excited. D.J. and Dakota are already experienced big brothers, and now Aiden will be one when heís barely a year old. What joy there will be in that household!

And what joy I will have visiting, for as long as Iím welcome and as long as Iím able.

8 January 2005

Looking for winter blue.

Itís not that I never expected to have small children in my life again. Itís just that I didnít expect four new ones in two years, while Iím still able to be part of their lives. It makes all the rest worthwhile. It makes me want to keep going for a long time.

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David dropped by here today, for about five minutes. I donít think he stays in any one place for very long these days. Itís a big job for someone that young to take care of a family of five, soon six. If thereís anybody whoís up to it, heís the guy. I was waiting until I could congratulate him in person before I wrote about the new baby here. Iíve only known for four days myself.

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