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Sunday, February 22, 2009

One of my favorite parts of my visit with the kids last night was when Kylie was sitting on the bed watching an episode of Caillou, and she asked me to come and watch with her. I haven’t had many chances to spend one-on-one time with her, but those times have always been wondrous and enchanting.

She was engaged with the show, especially the educational aspects, but she also related to the characters. “That’s Rosie,” she said. I asked if Rosie was Caillou’s little sister. “Yes, and he’s her big brother.” I remarked that she had three big brothers, and she sighed lightly. “Sometimes I play dinosaurs with them,” she said, and I asked if she liked to play dinosaurs with her brothers. “Yes, but they won’t play what I want to play.”

When I asked what she wanted to play that her brothers wouldn’t play with her, she said, “Dolls.” Well, okay. They’re four, eight and nine. But earlier in the evening I’d seen her and Aiden deeply involved in playing with her toys, not his. Still, a little girl needs someone to play dolls with. Apparently she was thinking the same thing. “Uncle Mike, when you come to my house, you could play dolls with me.” I told her I’d be happy to play dolls with her. Any time, anywhere.

21 February 2009

Kylie and Aiden's puppet show.

That was yesterday. Today was a little more low key, owing to the fact that it was cold and miserable and wet outside and all I wanted to do was stay in. So that’s what I did. It was a low key day, but it wasn’t a bad day, because I didn’t have to get rained on.

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