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Saturday, February 14, 2009

For the last time, I spent most of my Saturday trying to set up this wireless network so that the Roku box would work. I say that itís the last time because I canít imagine trying to do anything with it again for a long, long time. Itís just that frustrating. I made more progress this time than the last time, but the setbacks were worse, so it was kind of a wash. I find myself tonight feeling lucky I still have a DSL connection that works, after all the blind manipulation I did on the computer today.

Itís a lesson well learned, though. Not only am I incompetent when it comes to installing new hardware, I canít even follow directions well enough to compensate. The next time I try this, I wonít. Iíll hire someone who knows what theyíre doing. But not today, and not tomorrow, and not until my stress level eases back a few notches. That could take some time.

So I packed everything up and put it all back in its boxes. I considered returning it all, but I donít think thereís anything wrong with the equipment itself. So Iíll hang onto it until I can stand looking at it again, and then Iíll decide what to do. For now, Iím going back to the lifestyle I led so blissfully before I ever even heard of wireless routers and switch boxes and Ethernet cables and set-top video streaming and computers and electricity and anything related to any of those things.

4 February 2009

Green fields, bare trees, gray sky.

Bitter? No, I feel liberated! By the time I gave up this afternoon, I was shaking (although that could have been from hunger, since I hadnít taken time out to eat anything all day). After Iíd cleaned it up (and had a bowl of raisin bran and a cup of yogurt), I was calm. It felt like a fresh start, which we all need every so often. Thereís nothing like finally letting go, when what youíve been holding onto has been holding you down.

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