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Saturday, February 3, 2001

Y'know, I could tell you about all the stuff I did today, but most of it is no different from the stuff I've been doing the rest of this week. I can tell you what I didn't do. Laundry. Pay bills. Read the newspapers.

Why does that matter? Well, I'm running out of clothes to wear, the lights could be turned off if I don't write a check to PG&E (or possibly even if I do), and I have no idea what's going on in the world, or even if the world is still out there.

Here are a few things I do know: Mom slept well last night, without drugs. She's doing better every day at keeping her head down. And without being able to read or watch TV or look anyone in the eye, she's getting bored out of her mind.

So the family descended on her tonight to keep her company. Suzanne brought the meal, and John, David and I watched the XFL game on her new TV set with her. (That might not have been her first choice if she were alone, but I think we entertained her with our comments.)

But we wore her out and left her to go to bed about 8:30. That would have left a lot of Saturday night for most people, wouldn't it? Not me, though. I'm pretty beat myself, as you can probably tell by this rambling.

I expect the next week to be a little smoother sailing. We're getting into a kind of routine now with getting Mom through the recovery from her surgery. She's able to do more on her own, and she'll be getting visits from some of her friends. Nothing will beat being able to lift her head again in another week and a half.

And then some time after that, in a week or a month, she should be able to see again, better than she has in years. That will make all this worthwhile.

Eric has been in town this weekend because he tested for his brown-black (or is it black-brown? whichever one comes after brown and before black) belt in tae kwon do today. His teacher is in Rohnert Park, and since he moved to Martinez, he's had to work on his own a lot. But at least it's an excuse to drive up to the old home town every few weeks.

outside, afterward

I've never watched the testing before, so I didn't know what to expect. I also don't quite know how to describe it. There were children and adults of all sizes testing to move up to the next level, in groups and pairs, supporting each other. Those of us who were interested in watching had to stand outside and look through the window, but at least it was a warm, sunny, calm day. We couldn't hear anything, but we could see pretty well.

And Eric did a great job. He went through all the forms, and broke two boards - one with his elbow and one with his foot. There was a lot of bowing and hand shaking, all quite civilized. It's amazing how everyone could stay so focused with so much going on all around them, but I guess that's part of the discipline. It was a fascinating thing to watch.

He expects to test for black belt later this year, and we'll all be there to support him once again. (By that time Mom should be able to join us, and she should also be able to see what's going on!)

And now, because I care about you, and to try to make it worth your time coming here, I present last night's sunset.

another sunset

Thank you very much.

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