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Friday, December 31, 2010

First the good news: I think I killed them all. And now the bad news: When I got home this afternoon from running around most of the day, my kitchen was crawling with ants. Before I could even sit down I was spending the next hour furiously killing my fellow creatures, then cleaning and washing every surface over and over. Where did they come from? Under the sink is my best guess, but I'm also guessing the next bunch will turn around and go the other way, if they know what's good for them.

Other than that, the last day of 2010 was the kind of day every day should be. I met Suzanne for coffee this morning, and Kat joined us. It was good to see her, because I'd forgotten my cell phone, and if Alex decided today was the day, I would have been the last one to get to the hospital. But today was not the day, not for that, anyway. He will be a 2011 baby after all.

Even without my cell phone, I took a chance after coffee and walked down the way to get a haircut. I wasn't the only person with that thought on New Year's Eve, so I had to wait, but I didn't want to put this off any longer. There's a simple reason for that. If we have another ground-soaking storm and my shower drain backs up again, I don't want to be wading in soapy water while I try to shampoo my shaggy locks. No locks = short showers.

And then, just in case, I filled my car's gas tank before heading home to the ants (not that I knew at that time they were waiting for me). So now, whatever happens this weekend, I can get there. Assuming nothing happens, I plan to stay close to home, and I definitely plan to remember my cell phone when I do go out.

As you know, the very first entry in this journal was posted eleven years ago today. I don't take much credit for keeping it going for eleven years, because for the last two or three I've been an unreliable member of the journaling community (which, I truly believe, still exists, if only in the hearts of the last few stragglers from the old days). I wasn't the first by a long shot, but I feel like one of the pioneers. One of the survivors, too, if just barely. Happy new year to all who have been with me on this journey, part or all of it. It will continue.

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