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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I'm thinking is that this much rain can't last long. There isn't enough moisture in every cloud in the sky to keep this up. So let it rain, and then let it stop. I'd be happy to see the storm blow itself out in one night, rather than drizzling along for day after drippy day.

Instead of doing the elaborately mapped-out errand run I'd been planning for today (planning since before the weekend, I might add), I did what had to be done and deferred the rest for a less soppy day. Like tomorrow, say.

Anyway, I had to do the year's last payroll and get it in the mail, and that took me until well past the time that (a) I'm comfortable running around town with the other idiots and maniacs, and (2) it had started to rain hard enough to make me rethink even walking out to the car, much less getting in and driving it.

As I was talking on the phone with the Boss this afternoon (listening, I mean), he gave me two bits of information. First, the roof at the Kennel was leaking. That's not such a serious matter there, since we have platoons of trained hammer swingers without much else to do these days except patch things that the weather damages. And second, the missing payroll checks from two weeks ago turned up today, at their destination and in an envelope whose stamps hadn't been canceled.

Since there was no postmark, we had to guess why it took two weeks from the date I made a special trip to the post office to send them out until they mysteriously appeared at the Kennel with no sign that the post office had ever handled them. The presumption, based strictly on, well, presumption, is that they slipped through a crack or dropped on the floor and stayed there until someone noticed and decided to deliver them in the least noticeable way possible.

That's one presumption. The other presumption is that they were there in the Kennel office for two weeks, and that's where they slipped through a crack or dropped on the floor, until they were found today, after I'd rewritten them and Tim had driven two hundred miles out of his way to pick them up. I guess it doesn't matter which presumption is correct, or if either is. What's done is done, as they say when things like this happens and no one wants to take responsibility.

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