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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom turned 84 today and was the sparkling center of attention at a celebration in her honor. It was inspiring to see her amidst so many people who, at least genetically, owe her their existence. There would be no us if it hadn't been for her, first. And some of us owe her in many more ways. I don't know who I would have been without her, but I wouldn't be me, here, now.

It turned into a wonderful day, with family and friends and laughter and tacos. I think we all know how lucky we are, not only to have Mom in our lives, but to have each other. These are bonds that other families must surely wish they had. It makes life so much better to be this close to people who care that much about you. That's the way I feel, anyway.

It was a rainy day, cold and windy, and it could easily have been one of those Sundays when I don't even consider the possibility of venturing out of the house. I'm happy I had a reason to go out, and I'm grateful it was such a good reason as celebrating the cornerstone of our family. Happy birthday, Mom.

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