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Friday, December 17, 2010

Two things converged today, and that fact had me sprawled out on the carpet with scissors, tape and paper for a couple of hours tonight. First, I realized I had already received everything I've ordered for Christmas, with the single exception of the item for the baby where the order was screwed up (but they have since shipped the correct item, fingers crossed it gets here).

And second, I made the final decision that I wasn't going to do any elaborate decorating this year. No tree, no knickknacks, no lights. So if there was going to be any evidence of the holidays in my house, it would be the colorful packages stacked in the living room. That's all I need to give the place that festive feeling. Fa la la, etc. Many times, many ways.

Also, let's face it. A week from today is Christmas Eve. There isn't all that much time left to (a) get the wrapping done, and (2) enjoy the bright colors of the packages. Since I had a little time tonight, I made the effort. It was exhausting, and I'm feeling it in my back, but it's done.

Still, as I was wrapping the kids' stuff I had a revelation. Batteries. I had every intention of sticking extra batteries in with everything that called for them, and I simply forgot to buy them. So that means another quick shopping trip (I knew it, and so did you), but at least I can get batteries almost anywhere and I don't have to go within miles of the mall. The revised plan is to show up on Christmas Day with my pockets full of batteries and distribute them as needed. It'll be magical, you know?

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