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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now that I've spent all my money, word came down from on high today that Christmas bonuses will have to be deferred until the company has some actual cash in the bank. And that's fine. Living paycheck to paycheck is a lifestyle I've pretty much mastered, but I might have to cancel some of the automatic online payments I've set up, so that I can be sure they're covered before they're paid.

This doesn't really worry me. (You get that, right?) It's a short term cash flow thing, not an indication that the business is in serious long term financial trouble. I'm not wailing in anguish here, and my power is more likely to be shut off by the weather than by the utility company. I don't regret anything I've spent on Christmas, which was a little more than last year but much less than in the old days when I was out of control.

At least I'll be getting my bonus, eventually. Everyone else who works for us will be getting half of what they got last year, and nobody has had a raise in over two years. That's the nature of the times, I know, but it doesn't get me my flat screen any faster.

Yes, I'm grateful that I even have a job. I'm not broke; I'm not even poor. I shop in the most expensive section of the supermarket (the natural foods aisle) and I have a satellite TV package that gives me way more channels than I need. I have a good life, and a deferred bonus isn't going to change that. Actually, a little pinch now and then helps me appreciate the good things I have, and the better times to come, even more.

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