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Monday, December 31, 2007

Ha! Either through poorly projections or by excellent planning (and Iím not sure it matters which), I finished my work day at 2:30 in the afternoon. And for once, there wasnít a lot I could do ahead of time. I thought Iíd be working until midnight to finish out the old year and get ready for the new. But instead I had almost ten hours to kill, reading and watching the Twilight Zone marathon. Huzzah!

I suppose I could actually have got a head start on tomorrow, when I plan to do my usual Monday bill paying. Iíd have had to date the checks in January, though, and I didnít want to do that ahead of time, just in case something came up at the last minute. And knowing the Boss, he would have been thinking of things he wanted to change right up until midnight, so I didnít want to take that chance. He had told me this morning that he planned to leave his office at 2:00, but he sometimes thinks while he drives. Dangerous, I know, but it canít be helped.

Naturally, he wanted to get started first thing this morning, so I guess I have him to thank for finishing so early. I ended up writing four last checks to close business for the year. We donít know for sure that weíre doing the right thing, as far as positioning the two companies for taxes. All we can do is take the CPAís advice, then close our eyes and wish real hard. The toughest part is not worrying about factors beyond my control, but thatís always been one of my great weaknesses. Iím a worrier. Sue me.

The funny thing is, even though I knew I was done for the year, I couldnít relax. I couldnít keep from getting up out of the recliner and puttering around, looking for one more thing to do. And strangely, I kept finding things, but they were all things that could have been put off, not just until tomorrow, but until next week or later. I guess thatís not so funny after all.

31 December 2007

The last sunset of the year.

The very first entry in this journal was eight years ago, on December 31, 1999. For the next few years I did yearly recaps on New Yearís Eve, but I did fewer entries this year than ever, so thereís not much to recap. But here goes: I went to Safari West for D.J.ís birthday, and Mom and I saw ďJersey BoysĒ and Michael Feinstein. There was a lot of turmoil at work, with the Boss falling off a scaffold and the company losing both Julie and Paul, all in May. But I read The Book in July, and I got a new recliner in October. This month alone I got a new computer and new tires. So there have been some highlights, even if the year hasnít been one of the best ever. Thereís always 2008.

Which brings me to this: Thanks to all my friends for sticking this year out with me, and I wish you nothing but wonderful times ahead in the new year.

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