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Thursday, December 13, 2007

One way to keep the shower drain from clogging is to take shorter showers, right? So today I got a haircut. I sort of needed one and sort of didnít, but I figured if I wait any closer to Christmas itíll be too short and Iíll frighten the children. Itís short now, thatís for sure. Itís taken me years to train the cutters to do it the way I want it. I know I donít look like myself to people who know me, but it grows out so fast that Iíd rather do it this way than try to come out of the salon looking perfect. (Like thatís ever going to happen.)

As I was sitting through the end stages of my haircut today, I had to laugh at the irony. My dad was a barber, and he would have loved doing to me when I was a teenager what the cutter was doing to me today. But I wouldnít ever let him. He got to me when I was a younger child, and I walked around all buzzed up about forty years before it was in fashion. Heís been gone for twenty years, but I think heíd have a laugh, too, if he could see me today.

Anyway, itís nice to know Iíll be in and out of the shower quickly tomorrow morning. And I wonít have to waste time combing my hair, either. Thatís the way I let my cutter know what I expect from her. I tell her to cut it short enough that I wonít have to comb it. Then she looks at my record in her computer and sees what size clippers they used on me the last time, and does the same thing. I wasted a lot of years trying to convince people in that profession that I wonít get mad at them for cutting it too short.

5 October 2007

Hovering above the roof.

Before I got my hair cut (and thank goodness it was before and not after), I had lunch with Mom and Suzanne. Itís Suzanneís birthday Sunday, and we gave her her presents early, because sheís busy that day. Sheíll be something-five, so itís a big one. She doesnít look it though. She doesnít look a day over something-four.

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