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Friday, December 16, 2005

The holiday spirit has been a long time coming this year. Shopping doesnít count. Iíve been doing that (and liking it) for the last few weeks, but I havenít been indulging in my usual sentimental maundering, at least not so far. There hasnít even been much Christmas music playing on the big box, although I havenít been deliberately avoiding it. I havenít done any decorating or baking. (Baking. Thatís a good one.)

Things picked up a bit today, especially when I had coffee with a friend who has that spirit year round. (Well, not really. That would be too much. But itís close enough to the truth that it feels like the truth.) And the last package from my online ordering spree arrived this afternoon, so I really am finished with my shopping (probably). (Actually, I probably donít have much choice, given the money situation.)

And my satellite radio stations are nudging me toward the inevitable. The Forties channel stuck Perry Como singing ďItís Beginning to Look a Lot Like ChristmasĒ right between ďButtons and BowsĒ by Doris Day and ďToo Fat PolkaĒ by Arthur Godfrey. I think theyíre trying to tell me something. (I think theyíre trying to tell me to switch back to The Loft, which is playing Paul Simonís ďFather and Daughter.Ē (Come to think of it, that song is almost enough to put me in the spirit all by itself.))

9 December 2005

Almost winter. (Not today's sky, unfortunately.)

The weather isnít helping my mood, thatís for sure. I know itís not supposed to be summery in December, but this is still supposed to be California, no matter what time of year it is. The sky was gray all day, and then it got grayer. It was dark, it was cold, it was North Dakota. (Okay, it wasnít North Dakota, but it wasnít the North Bay, either.) I need to see some sunshine this weekend, or the small start I have on the season will evaporate like last yearís eggnog.

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Russ Feingold has been vindicated. His was the lone vote against the Patriot Act when it was passed in 2001, and now he has enough Senators on his side to keep the act from being renewed. The revelation that the president authorized eavesdropping without court permission didnít hurt the cause any. This is, however, as close as Feingold will ever get to the White House, probably. It might make it easier for another Democrat somewhere down the line, though, and itís an issue that the party can rally around. United Democrats? That wonít last long.

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