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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas 2004 was Aidenís first Christmas, not that he had a clear idea of what day it was. He only knew that it was a day he had an even bigger audience than usual, more people making faces at him and laughing at (and with) him. There were a whole lot of new things to stick in his mouth, and a bunch of new clothes to drool and spit up on. In other words, it was like every day in his life, only more so.

It wasnít D.J.ís first or Dakotaís first, but it had to be a little overwhelming for them. The family keeps getting bigger, and they have two homes to unwrap presents in. Santa really gets around, you know. They were at their fatherís house last night and this morning. When they came back to us at noon, they had already had a full day, but there was lots more to come.

Iíve seen lots of Christmases over the years, but never one quite like this one. We gathered at Tammy and Davidís house, all of us including Cuki. Four generations. An extended family, some of us Greek and some Hungarian, all of us brought together by common bonds. Some of the ties were closer than blood ties could have been.

Gifts were exchanged and a feast was eaten. Stories were told and absent friends remembered. Good feelings were shared all around, and whatever else Christmas means, thatís an important and necessary part of it.

25 December 2004

Some of the Christmas chaos.

And youíd better believe that the children were overexcited but appropriately appreciative. We bombarded them with things they wanted and things they needed, along with a lot of stuff they probably didnít want or need. But they were winningly charming throughout the whole ordeal, which is a tribute to the love and patience of the adults guiding them through these early years. That made this one of the best Christmases, even if it wasnít our first.

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I got a lot of cool stuff myself, and I was just as grateful as the kids (maybe even a little more). Iím all set up for cooking and watching movies for the immediate future. Itís funny how people know me so well.

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