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Monday, December 20, 2004

Iím counting on things working out the way theyíre supposed to. Iím depending on people to come through with what they promised. If they donít, Iím sunk. If it doesnít happen that way, then all the good I did myself today is wasted.

Sure, it was a Monday, but I canít do anything, work-wise, until tomorrow, when I get a supply of checks to write. Itís one thing to have bills to pay and enough money in the bank to pay them. Itís quite another thing to let those bills pile up, unpaid, while you wait for the bank to print checks. There was a mix-up with the order, but Iíve been promised (promised!) that Iíll have those checks in my hand tomorrow.

And that means that Iíll be massively busy the rest of the week. I have a lot of catching up to do, and it all starts with this weekís very important payroll run. Once the bills are paid, they have to be recorded and the invoices filed and all manner of other busywork that will keep me from taking a breath until at least Friday.

So I took advantage of the lull today by finishing my Christmas shopping. I ran into Mom at the mall; she was finishing her shopping, too. Five days left, but those days will be jam-packed with tedious trifles, so I had to get it done today. If not for the lack of checks, I might not have had a chance to finish at all. Funny how those things work.

20 December 2004

Poor visibility.

It doesnít bother me that this whole scenario depends on people keeping their promises to me. Iíve never had a problem with that. Most of the people I deal with have always been as good as their word. I trust the good will and integrity of anyone who tells me theyíre going to do something. Iím rarely disappointed.

(But really, Iím nervous as heck about those checks getting here tomorrow. Iíve done my part, and I need this one little thing to go right. I havenít even made a contingency plan, not because I have such strong belief that itíll work out, but because it just has to.)

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This was the darkest day of the year. I guess with winter starting tomorrow, maybe thatís appropriate. There was such a dense fog covering my yard that I couldnít even see to the fence. And cold? Well, yes, for California it was cold. But the good news is that after tomorrow, the days start getting longer again. If theyíd get brighter and warmer as well, Iíd be happy.

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