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Friday, December 3, 2004

Iím not quite there yet, but Iím getting there. The Sounds of the Seasons audio satellite channel helps, especially when itís Perry Como singing ďHome for the HolidaysĒ or Bing Crosby doing ďChristmas Is a-Cominí (and the goose is getting fat).Ē For that matter, B.B. Kingís version of ďPlease Be Home for ChristmasĒ is right up there.

Getting some shopping done is bringing me along as well. Iíve done a bit in the stores, but more on line. Itís not as if the local shops are losing my business when I shop on the web, though. Iíve always shied away from crowds, especially this time of year, but when I know what I want and where to get it, Iím not afraid to wade through the humanity. Iíll do as much wading this year as any year.

The biggest factor, at least so far, in my march toward the spirit of the season is the fact that today is Friday. Tomorrow being Saturday doesnít hurt, either. Last week was short, and I think that made this week feel that much longer. Today was quiet and productive, which kind of lets me off the hook. I might still try to work ahead over the weekend, but at least I donít have to run in place just to catch up.

22 November 2004

Cloudy day.

I got my first Christmas card today, and even though it was from DirecTV (and the Hallmark Channel, by some symbiotic coincidence), it still cheered me up. We donít have snow here, but images of snowflakes and snowmen and snow angels still mean the holiday season to me. Santa still wears a fur-lined red suit even in the tropics, so why canít I go on an imaginary sleigh ride, even though Iíve never been on a real one?

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I was listening to the Jackson 5 on Sounds of the Season, the pure young voice of Michael Jackson singing lead vocal on ďI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,Ē and I thought, quite seriously, ďItís too bad he had to grow up.Ē Then I thought, ďItís too bad he didnít.Ē

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