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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

All the company bills that I set out to pay yesterday took me until six o'clock tonight to finish. Somehow I managed to make one day's work last two days. And I didn't even take any naps today. In fact, I had hardly any interruptions at all, because the Boss is on the road and always forgets to check in with me for his messages. Of which there were none anyway.

Since I pay bills twice a week, that means it's almost time to start the next cycle. Tomorrow, though, I have to take time to pay some personal bills. As I was going through the papers on my desk this afternoon, I found some bills that were due two weeks ago.

As much as I hate to pay my bills late, I really have no excuse. I just didn't get around to it. Doing that same kind of paperwork all day long makes diving into my own mail a little less inviting. I don't usually let the pile of unopened bills get this high, but I haven't felt like dealing with them (until now, when it's too late).

It's funny, because I rant and rave whenever my mail is delivered late. I'll walk out to the mailbox every ten minutes to see if there's anything there. And I'll call the post office to complain if I think I've been shortchanged in the mail department. Sundays and holidays feel weird to me because there's no delivery.

And yet, a month's worth of mail sits neglected on top of my desk. They're going to stop delivering bottled water if I'm not more careful. Or worse yet, they might cut off my cable TV. (No chance of losing the satellite, since I have that bill on an automatic payment plan.)

21 August 2003

Another cloudy afternoon sky.

The one extraneous assignment I did have to deal with today was getting Tim's new truck insured. Why is Tim getting a new truck? Because he wants one. He doesn't need a new truck, but the Boss's old truck is showing some wear, and Tim wants a new truck, bigger and more loaded with features than his old one.

If Tim didn't want a new truck, the Boss would get a new truck. The Boss doesn't care about features, and he doesn't need a mammoth truck. He's such a bad driver that I'd rather see him driving a smaller, newer truck than Tim's old monster truck. I'd feel a little safer about the future of the company (and the other drivers of California and Nevada).

But Tim wants a new truck. And now Tim has his new truck, fully insured, and the Boss has a death machine. Tim gets a new truck more often than he has time to get rid of his old ones, or even pay them off. That's why I'm making monthly payments on three (and now four) company vehicles, when there are only two drivers.

I'll say this for Tim, though. He got rid of my old Honda for me. He didn't get me any money, but at least my name is off the title, a couple of weeks before the registration is due. That's all I asked him to do with it, except to keep me out of it as much as possible. I appreciate having things like that handled for me, so much so that I don't complain about the petty chores he asks me to do.

To him. I don't complain to him. I do complain to you, here, as you well know.

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I should apologize to all the Netflix members waiting for the DVDs I've had piled up in my living room for the last two weeks. I haven't had time to watch them, and there are (as they advertise) no late fees. I'm usually one of those people who watches a movie the day it arrives in the mail and then sends it back the next day so I can get something else. If someone else had been sitting on The Recruit or Bowling for Columbine or Nicholas Nickleby as long as I have, I'd be complaining about their lack of social responsibility (or something like that). Being the perpetrator changes the perspective, though.

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