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Monday, August 25, 2003

I'm loyal to my friends and family. I'm true to my principles. I love the Giants, win or lose. In every other area of my life, I'm a floater. I'll jump on any bandwagon that rolls down Main Street.

I was never a 49er fan until they started winning Super Bowls. In this, I don't think that I'm alone, although there are many people around who claim to be members of the "49er Faithful." Maybe, but let's see what happens after a couple of ten-loss seasons in a row. How faithful will they be then? About as faithful as I am.

It's painful to admit, but when it comes to pop culture, I'm led by the masses. I like the songs I hear on the radio, even the ones that aren't particularly good. I watch the TV shows that everyone else watches, even though sometimes I wonder why. Why CSI? Not really sure. I can think of a dozen better ways to spend my time than watching it, but that doesn't stop me. Besides, I like it okay.

In politics, I'm a true blue liberal (well, that's what color we are, at least on network maps). I'm true blue until something's on the line. When I voted for Al Gore in 2000, I said it was because I wanted him to be president. What I really wanted was for the other guy to lose. It didn't matter, because Gore would have won California without my vote, and a popular majority didn't do him any good in the Electoral College. So I might as well have stuck more strictly to principle.

As for the recall election, I'm still not equivocating, but the recent news that Cruz Bustamante is leading Arnold Schwarzenegger in the polls made me stop for a second and question my own motives. If I do choose Cruz, would it be because of a principle, as I've been claiming, or because he's suddenly the frontrunner and has the best chance to keep the governor's office from falling into the wrong hands?

Since I can be on the bandwagon and still vote my principles, I guess I don't have to answer that question. That's the way I like these moral dilemmas.

14 August 2003

Looking down the driveway from my yard.

Oh! There's one other thing I'm loyal to. Raisin Bran Crunch. I'm a little superstitious about how strongly I feel about it. I'm half convinced it keeps me alive. A bowl with a little soy milk in the morning and I'm ready to meet the challenges of the day.

Except that sometimes I have a donut instead.

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Mom is better today. She still can't walk more than a few feet (it's a good thing her bathroom is close to her bed), but the pain is starting to get under control. We're still taking care of her as much as she'll let us. I don't suppose that'll last much longer, no matter what we think. She likes to do things for herself (because she's the only one who can do them right, of course).

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