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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I'm a prisoner in my own house and I still get accused of not being home. While I was hanging around waiting for the delivery that never comes, somehow the post office missed me. I went out to the mailbox at 2:30 this afternoon and my regular mail wasn't there yet, but I found a notice that an oversized express mail package was being returned to the post office. "Sorry we missed you," it said.

Yeah, well I'm sorry too, considering the fact that I was home all day. I think some postal worker was just a little too lazy to come all the way up the driveway to my front door. That's what I think, and if I could have found my regular letter carrier I would have whined to her. I missed her, so I'm whining to you.

They wanted me to pick up this package today after 3:30 at the main post office. Until the new computer gets here, nothing is going to pry me out of the house, at least not during likely delivery hours. This trip would have taken at least an hour out of my day. A precious hour that I could never get back, and if I'd gone to the post office, I'm almost sure the FedEx truck would have come and gone while I was out. Because that's the way things work.

My post office box is at a station that's just a couple of miles from my house, and I never have to stand in line there. The main office is way downtown and they never have enough clerks. It's a little like Best Buy, where they have dozens of cash registers but never more than two of them open. I don't relish going there in the good times, much less on a crummy day like this.

I think the notice says that if I don't pick it up today, they'll try to deliver it again tomorrow. They checked so many boxes on the notice that it's not entirely clear what they want me to do. Anyway, how do I know the same express mail driver won't pass me by again tomorrow?

Here's my plan to avoid that: I'll leave a note in the mailbox, asking the driver if he wouldn't please make a little better effort to get me my package. Maybe I'll leave him a map showing how to get from the mailbox to the front door. That should get results.

This package isn't personal mail. It's from a local jurisdiction that is awarding the Company a contract. We weren't the low bidder on their project; we were the only bidder. They sent us a pile of documents that they want me to sign and return, but they used the least efficient method to get it to me.

If they'd sent it by first class mail to the company post office box, I'd have had it by now. I know this because this is a re-send. They claim to have sent these documents originally two weeks ago. Where they ended up then nobody knows. The postal service out here in the woods isn't terribly efficient. I think I've run that point into the ground more than once.

house, garden

Garden in the foreground, house behind it.

Once the new computer gets here, I'll be free to leave the house and run my errands as usual. Naturally, I won't really want to leave the house any more for a long, long time. I'll want to stay in and play with my new toy.

I really wanted to light out of here today, because everything seemed to be going wrong with the old computer. It froze several times, and once when it was working properly I had a brief power outage. If anything else could have failed I'm sure it would have. That's just the kind of day it was.

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