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Sunday, August 4, 2002

Late Friday afternoon the Boss faxed me a note, asking for cost reports on our current projects. Yes, that's right, late on a Friday afternoon he asks me for something that takes several hours to complete. That explains why I spent half of yesterday and all of this morning working on spreadsheets. His note said "when you get a chance," and the only chance I've had since late Friday afternoon was to give up part of my weekend. I have other things to do during the week.

In fact, I probably should have tried to get even more of a head start on my work week, because I expect to be wrestling with my new DSL connection all day Monday. I'm so excited. It's like the night before school starts. Really, that's how I measure excitement, even though my high school class is celebrating its thirty-fifth reunion this month (without me, of course). Pathetic, perhaps, but at least I'm not laying out new clothes to wear and fussing over zits.

So while I was watching the game this morning, I was also putting in my time. It was a good exercise, because I found a glitch in the Excel program I wrote to record job costs. It's always easier to take these extra headaches without having to answer the phone every ten minutes. I had to go back six months to correct the errors caused by this problem. The fact that I got it done in one day is almost a miracle. It could never have happened on a Monday, that's for sure.

I finished the precious cost reports early enough that I could spend the afternoon reading. That's what I thought when I stretched out on the sofa with my book in my lap. It turned out that my body had other plans. My eyes started getting heavy after one chapter, so I put the book down and closed them. An hour later I woke up and read another chapter, with the same result. I guess I needed to sleep more than I needed to read.

It's all for the best, though. I probably won't sleep tonight because of the excitement. When a whole new world is going to open up to you tomorrow, and you know it, it's hard to think about anything else.

wild garden

When you let things grow wild, something is always growing up through the middle of something else.

Today's weather was almost the opposite of the way it's been lately. This time it started with hazy sunshine, and then clouded over as they day went on. At one point this afternoon I smelled smoke, which is always frightening but especially when everything is so dry. I couldn't tell which direction it was coming from. The clouds were gray and smoky in all directions, so I just have to hope nothing nearby is burning.

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