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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

The breeze that came up this afternoon made it too chilly to sit on the back porch in shorts and read, so I put on my jeans and went out to pull some weeds. I still had a little room left in the yard waste container, and I have to put it out on the curb tomorrow night. The fire danger is as high as it will get this summer, and every time I can get rid of some of the dry grass that surrounds me, I need to work on it.

When I tired of pulling weeds (which didn't take long), I started pawing through the garden supplies. I had some unused pots and trays, so I decided to use whatever I could find to make a butterfly garden, suggested to me some time back by Bonnie. I overturned a flower pot and put a tray on it, with a large terra cotta bowl on top of that.

After filling the bowl with decorative stones I found around the yard, I put an old cereal bowl inside, with a larger rock inside it. Then I filled the whole assemblage with water. I'm not sure it came out the way it's supposed to, but it's a new attraction for the creatures that pass through my garden.

It probably doesn't look the way it's supposed to. Not all the random parts fit together as neatly as they should. As scarce as the butterflies are getting now, it might be too late in the year anyway. I kind of like it, though, and I'll probably take a picture of it, once I've gotten over the embarrassment of trying to create something for which I have no talent or qualifications whatsoever. It was a lot more fun that pulling weeds, anyway.

If I hadn't started sneezing like a fiend, I might have stayed out and worked for a while longer. It's not easy to get much done, though, when I'm wracked with serial mini-explosions. It's a little like working in a minefield — seriously inefficient at best. By the time I got it out of my system, the darkness had taken over outside. It was bug time, and I was in for the night.

my favorite vista

Looking west from my driveway, toward the Sebastopol hills.

Most of what grows around my house is wild. Nothing is there because I planted it. I've done a lot of pulling up, but no putting down since I've lived here. At some point that will change, probably. I like looking at things that just grow, and I don't mind taking out plants that don't make sense to keep around. Some are dangerous, and some are simply unpleasant to look at. I'm content with the way my garden grows, mostly on its own. If I were to change anything, it might be to add a bit more color.

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