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Thursday, August 31, 2000

Let me tell you what. I'm so tired and sore tonight that I can hardly type, and yet there's so much to do before I can even go to bed. I've already had to hang the shower curtain so that I could take a shower. I still haven't made the bed (or found the sheets and blankets).

But, I am home! I'm sitting in the Fortress, and I hear the soothing sounds of traffic on the road across the field behind me. And that's all. No voices, no cars peeling out in the driveway, no thumping through the walls. Because now, at last, my walls are all my own.

Most of my day was spent running back and forth between the two places. I'd load up my car and dump whatever I could in some inconspicuous spot where it wouldn't be in the way when the guys from work came to move the big stuff. I was especially concerned about the copier and file cabinet, because they're heavy and bulky and awkward.

Mom came by early in the afternoon and helped pack some things. And David got here after he got off work. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have both of them helping with this ordeal. David was here for several hours, and instead of waiting for the helpers the Boss was sending, he just took it upon himself to take charge.

I got several phone calls from the job site, where the guys were having trouble with the concrete pour. They were originally scheduled to be here at nine this morning, and then it got put off to one, then three, then five. They finally made it at seven.

By that time David and I had done everything we could. That was plenty, I must admit. With his help we moved absolutely everything that would fit in the van. I have to admire his ingenuity. He made things fit that looked impossible to me.

When the guys finally got here, they brought a trailer and managed to move all that remained in one load. That included the sofa, refrigerator, four bookcases, plus the copier and file cabinets. They were out of here in less than an hour.

Then David brought a couple of his friends back to help bring in some of the boxes that we'd left in the garage. They also moved some furniture around for me, but I wasn't sure how I wanted it arranged. It's now several hours later, and I'm still not sure. That will probably be up in the air for some time.

When I look around tonight, I see boxes and boxes of work ahead of me. I'll be spending all of my long weekend getting as much straightened out as possible. Tonight, besides hanging the shower curtain, I put away part of the kitchen (in search of something to eat), and I set up the TV and stereo (well, it was just too quiet in here, you know?).

I also put the computer back together, of course, or else I wouldn't be writing this in the middle of the night. No connection until at least midday tomorrow. And I have the whole office still to figure out.

Meanwhile, I have to go back to the old place in the morning and clean. I just couldn't handle it tonight, and I got word from the landlords that the new tenants won't be moving in until after eleven. I just hope I can drag my weary body out of bed in time.

I'm so blessed to have the help and support of so many people. I met more good people today than I ordinarily see in a month. No one can top my nephew, though. David was in charge and eager to get me settled in, and he did everything he could think of to make it easy on me. I'm so grateful, I could weep.

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