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Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Suzanne and Mom came by this afternoon so I could show them my new house. Unfortunately, the Vacating Tenant was not home, nor did he leave the sliding glass door unlocked, as he had so obligingly done for my last visit. So we had to skulk around the outside and peek in the windows. I took my camera along, but all I could take were a few exterior shots.

On the left below is the back of the house. You see this from the long dirt driveway, if you make it all the way to the end. This side gets afternoon sun. That's my bedroom window at the bottom. On the right you see the same side, plus the detached two-car garage.

the fortresshouse and garage

Here is the side of the house, looking from the garage. I guess you could call it the front, since the front door is here, but it actually faces away from the street. And on the right is the lush greenery that awaits my thumb of death. It's just outside the front door.

front walkgarden

Below, the garage and garden are on the left, and you can see the side of the house with the porch and sliding glass door. All of that lawn and patio furniture will be gone before I move in. The weeds will stay, though, and perhaps even grow.

Fortress of Solitude

Now, if I could only start moving stuff in there. It's piled up all over, especially in the formerly spacious kitchen, which is now a cramped warehouse. I have most of the things I don't care if I ever see again stashed in the spare room, marked either "garage" or "loft."

There's so much moving I could get done, if I could just get access. It's been promised (sort of) for this coming weekend. We'll see how that works out. It would be such a relief to me to get a head start, especially before David heads for the lake for Labor Day weekend. I'm counting on his help for the early loads.

Whatever I don't get done ahead of time will have to be moved in one day, a week from Friday. I don't know how much help I'll have on that Friday. The landlord said he'd "do it" for me, but of course I have to be there, and if I'm there I'll have to help. I hope it's not just the two of us, because I'm not sure I'd survive that. I don't have the strength or stamina I used to have.

Hopefully, the landlord has me correctly pegged for the piker that I am, and will bring along someone a bit sturdier to do the real work.

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