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Monday, April 6, 2009

This was one of those days that was slightly out of phase, like the picture on an old, pre-digital TV set. Ghosts, we called it then. Iím fully committed to my new vegan diet, but the ghosts of the past are still on my mind, if not on my plate. But I pretty much followed the diet, with a few modifications (none of which contradicted the spirit of the actual menu from the book).

So what did we learn today? Iíve never been one for big breakfasts, and you wouldnít think a bowl of cereal would constitute a big breakfast. But this was a big bowl, with four kinds of cereal, plus walnuts, with raisins and banana slices. The recipe also called for kiwi and grapefruit, but by the time I got the banana in the bowl, there wasnít room for anything else. That big bowl was what the menu planner called for, and I think it did me good this morning. Iíd been a little hung over, to be honest, having overimbibed just a tad at the party yesterday.

Lunch called for a stuffed pita with hummus, so I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On whole wheat bread, of course. And with sugar-free fruit spread standing in for my old favorite boysenberry jam.

What I learned at dinner was that Iím going to miss egg noodles. The rice pasta didnít quite stand up to the vegetable soup, even though the package claimed it wouldnít get mushy. Next time Iíll try a whole wheat pasta, even if itís nothing fancier than a simple penne. And oh, boy, did I ever need to leave this pasta way more al dente than I did. Promises aside, it was pretty mushy.

2 April 2009

Big clouds moving in.

Tomorrow I hope to get to the store and stock up on the ingredients for the rest of the week. I have a huuuuge loooong list, but Iíll just get what I can and improvise the rest. Tomorrowís breakfast is banana and toast, and Iím already well stocked in that department. Dessert tomorrow night is lime mousse, which means I have to buy not only a lime, but Silken Lite extra firm tofu. It probably tastes better than it sounds.

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