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Monday, April 30, 2007

Late tonight I got word that the Boss had broken his ankle in a fall. Suddenly I was in the middle of a massive communications snafu, owing to the fact that his ex-wife refuses to be in the same county as his girlfriend. I was supposed to find out if Julie (that is, the girlfriend) is coming down from her mountain hideaway to be with him. Then Iím supposed to let the Bossís son (Tim) or one of his (three) daughters know. If Julieís coming, theyíll head off their mom. If Julie isnít coming, theyíll let their mom know itís okay to go to the hospital.

Got it? Me neither. But I couldnít confirm anything because when I called Julie, she had her phone forwarded to a cell phone. The Bossís cell phone, to be precise. To me, that means sheís on her way to see him. She doesnít have a cell phone of her own, so that was probably the only number she could think of in her rush to leave the hideaway and be by his side. Itís a shame none of these people talk to each other, but everybody talks to me. I really feel special. I really feel like turning my phone off sometimes.

Even later tonight I heard that the Boss was going to be operated on in the morning. So apparently the break is worse than they first thought. The original word was that he would be back at work in a couple of days. I doubt things will happen that fast now. The man is 67 years old. Thatís not old, but itís old enough that bones donít knit as fast as they once did. Iíll pick up the slack as much as I can, but there are many things only he can do, and questions only he can answer. Things are going to be a little dicey for awhile.

15 April 2007

Dying birch branches and a little wisp of cloud.

I really hope Iím right, and that Julie is on her way. I think sheís the one person with the knowledge to keep things together for as long as it takes the Boss to heal. She canít do what he does, but she can deal with people, and thatís something I donít do very well. Plus, itís definitely something Tim canít do, without alienating and/or aggravating everyone we do business with. Iíd hate to have the company in his hands (which it would be, if anything permanently disabled the Boss, and thatís a prospect I relish not at all).

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