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Saturday, April 1, 2006

We just barely made it through the wettest March on record, so what does it do today? It rains. Of course. April fool! I was out only to get to the post office and back, and that was one of the times it was raining. It didnít rain hard or long, for a change, but the forecast is for two weeks of endless rain. Really, I checked the Weather Channel site and itís a parade of clouds with dotted lines slanting out from the bottom.

Any other obligations I could get out of today, I shirked. I couldnít avoid writing Julieís last paycheck for March (and backdating it to yesterday), but even that had an element of shirkiness to it. If Iíd waited until Monday, I would have had to get the payroll program ready for the new quarter, and that would have been more work that writing the check today and dating it yesterday. Besides, she works hard for the money. Itís hard out here for a sociopathís girlfriend.

31 March 2006

Suzanne, Aiden, Kylie and Tammy at Eric's party.

If I were to be truly diligent, Iíd work tomorrow on the payroll accounting and anything else I could get done, because my electricity is scheduled to be turned off Monday morning for repairs to the lines. This is the same repair that was postponed last week due to rain, and rain is forecast for Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday and any other day named after a Norse deity), so chances are itíll get rained out again. I think Iíll pin my hopes on that and plan not to work on Sunday after all. Whew! Iím glad I talked myself out of that one.

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The Giants looked today as if they could use a few more days to tune up for the season, losing to the Aís, 14-3, in Oakland. But they only have one more game before it starts to count, so letís just hope they got it out of their system. (On the other hand, UCLA looked more than ready to take on Florida for the NCAA basketball championship in the final game Monday night. They coasted past LSU, 59-45, while the Gators put upstart George Mason in its place with a 73-58 win.)

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