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Friday, April 8, 2005

If having a birthday gives people an excuse to shower a little love and affection on me, I think I can tolerate having one every year or so. Being on the receiving end requires no initiative and little energy from me, so it plays right into my lifestyle. And love? Iím all about the love, baby.

Most of the love I got today was of the long distance variety. I did have coffee and conversation with a friend this morning. It was fun, and it saved me from a birthday of total isolation.

Unfortunately, they were out of decaf at the coffee house, and I had my first caffeine infusion in over a month. I think it helped me stay awake for the first couple of hours of the afternoon session, but it didnít really have any long term effect. I woke up groggy and spent most of the day with my eyelids at half staff.

But hey. I heard from people all over the family and all over the country (and for that matter, a couple of distant corners of this tiny planet). True, Aiden has a few more fans than I do, but Iím not the least bit jealous. He has a lot of years to catch up with the joy he and his sisters and his cousins and his aunts have given me over a lifetime.

Sorry. Sometimes I channel Gilbert and Sullivan. Especially when Iím groggy.

Eric and David, 1982

Eric and David, 1982. (Aiden's uncle and his daddy, in case you missed the resemblance.)

Aiden gets plenty of love and affection every day of the year. He also has his very first birthday coming up in less than two months, so he doesnít really need a share of mine. But I offer it willingly. Iíll gladly bask in his rosy glow.

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If the Giants have shown a glaring weakness so far this season, itís been their middle relief pitching. Young starter Noah Lowry left in the seventh inning with a 6-0 lead and his undefeated major league record intact, but by the time the bullpen got through the inning the Rockies had an 8-6 lead. Itís too early to panic, but itís not too early to be seriously concerned (the fact that the Giants came back to win, 10-8, on a walkoff three-run homer by Marquis Grissom notwithstanding). Itís obvious from a look at the standings that there are no great teams in baseball, so we could see a lot of games like this as season goes on.

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SIR JOSEPH. But when the breezes blow,
I generally go below,
And seek the seclusion that a cabin grants;
COUSIN HEBE. And so do his sisters, and his cousins, and his aunts!