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Sunday, April 29, 2001

Mom and I took the bus to Pacific Bell Park today to watch the Giants get embarrassed by the Cubs. That wasn't exactly what we were hoping to see, just what happened. It was her first time at the ballpark, and I was hoping to show it to her at its best.

I wouldn't be taking the bus if there were any other way to get into a Giants game, but they sold out all the seats for the whole season last year. When we were deciding what to do about this season and heard about the tickets available from the tour bus companies, it seemed prudent to take advantage. I'd rather drive to Larkspur and take the ferry, but this way at least we can get into the park.

Unfortunately, the bus left late, and there were some problems with bookings, so by the time we got close enough to see the ballpark, I was tearing the hair off my arms. I didn't get to do any shopping or walk around the stadium. The only reason we were able to take a look at the boats in McCovey Cove is that our seats were in the right field corner, just a short walk from the water.

McCovey Cove, from the arcade at Pac Bell Park

The seats themselves were on field level, but well back in the shade. I always like to sit in the sun, and the lower level doesn't have the spectacular view of the upper deck. But most of the people who take the bus are older than I am (imagine!), and for their convenience the tour company provides the first deck seats.

Sammy Sosa in right field at Pac Bell Park

We did have a great view of Sammy Sosa, but it was hard to see the infield, with people walking up and down the aisle right in front of us all during the game. And why, I'd like to know, does the tallest person in the crowd always sit in front of me?

2 SF landmarks, Barry Bonds and the Bay Bridge

(Not to mention the fellow next to me who kept digging his elbow into my ribs. And every time he fell asleep (and he did), his knee would slowly slide in front of my cup holder, so that I couldn't take a drink of my coke.) So, it wasn't perfect. But it wasn't terrible.

I'll go back on my diet tomorrow. I didn't even stop at the Krispy Kreme stand, because I had a maple bar on the bus. But that was the last restraint I showed. I had a couple of polish dogs, and a slice of cheesecake on the way home. (Yes, the bus people treated us well.) That should have been enough, right? But they gave us goodie bags, and I ate the peanut butter and cheese crackers, and the cool ranch Doritos, and the Cracker Jack with the chintzy prizes they have these days.

I might not eat anything at all tomorrow, to make up.

The game itself was a masterpiece of comic ineptitude that deteriorated into low farce. By the ninth inning the Giants were hopelessly behind (hopeless only because they hadn't shown any life throughout the game.) I pointed out to Mom that the Giants new pitcher was the worst on the team, at least this season, but the Cubs batter was one of the worst in the league. Something had to give, right? (In this game, that meant that Gary Matthews, Jr. , hit a home run off Alan Embree.)

It's hard for me to really enjoy a Giants loss, but it got so bad it was funny. Or at least ridiculous. And once the people in front of us started giving up and leaving, and I could see the whole field, it got to be more fun. Besides, it's baseball. It's impossible not to have a good time at a baseball game.

I think Mom enjoyed it, but it got too cold for her before it was all over. It wasn't an especially cold day, but we were in the shade, and a breeze came up. She didn't see the best game, but it's still the best ballpark in the country.

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